TYVEK Archival Pressure Sensitive Tape ~ 1m x 57mm width

TYVEK Archival Pressure Sensitive Tape ~ 1m x 57mm width

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1 metre x 57mm width Pressure Sensitive Tyvek Tape

Single sided adhesive tape creating a strong yet flexible bond

This pressure sensitive white polyethylene Tyvek tape displays incredible tenacity, even under the most rigorous of circumstances. 

Tyvek Tape is used by picture framers for sealing frames due to its archival quality, offering a mould free, secure seal. 

Also used in book binding for joining millboard/greyboard when creating a book cover, or for repairing battered books

Far higher performance than masking or artist tapes, professional specification.

The tape is constructed from Tyvek 1073D, a 75gsm spun-bonded polyolefin material, which despite its light weight is incredibly strong and will not tear.

Easily conforms to steps in framing rebates with no risk of tearing and easy to work with and will not stick to itself. Does not lose its tack like masking tape.

Uses for Tyvek tape include;

Hinging mats

Binding folder spines

Performing book repairs to battered books

Sealing frames

The Tape is sent gently folded and boxed to prevent creasing.