Filmoplast Self Adhesive Transparent Invisible Paper Repair Tape ~ 5 metres ~ P90 PLUS Tape

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Filmoplast P90 PLUS  Tape: White Repair Tape for paper and documents, with a 50gsm weight with a stronger adhesive than the P90 tape. Designed for fixing in torn out book pages, restoring page edges, and strengthening inner book spines.

In addition, it is also used for affixing works of art to a passé-partout or backing boards, and creates dust free sealing to backing boards. 

Very easy to use - simply cut to size, peel off the release film and apply.

This Archival tape is anti aging, non yellowing and will retain its elasticity and flexibility for years and years.

You will receive 5 metres of 20mm wide tape which will be folded flat for cost effective posting. Any creases on the folds will smooth out when the tape is applied.

Also supplied is a tip on how to remove the release backing film easily as this can be rather tricky due to the fineness of the tape.